This covers the potential identification and diagnosis of the virus in someone connected to the Home, as well as the process to be followed thereafter – including isolation of the patient and subsequent care they will receive, as well as the environmental deep clean of the Home.

We have taken the situation extremely seriously and have closed the Home to most visitors, however, we realise that for the patients this is not the best way forward, but it allowed us time to put certain measures into place and familiarise our staff with the procedures now required to be followed.

We will be contacting all relatives to discuss ongoing visiting with their relative, I am sure you will appreciate we will have to restrict the number of visitors as well as the free movement of visitors in the care home, to reduce the risk of any of our residents contracting Covid 19.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss our measures further or the actions being taken by the Home to reduce the number of people who will ultimately be affected by this virus.

Contact : Elizabeth McConnell