Christmas scene

Where there is love, there is peace

(Augustine Commentary on the First Letter of St John Prologue)

We, the Sisters at Boarbank, hope and pray that this Christmastide and New Year 2021 will bring hope and joy to you all.

We are very grateful for all the cards, gifts and good wishes that we have received. We shall miss all of our regular guests, especially during prayers and meals, and hope to hang your names (with photos if we can find them or you provide them) on the Christmas tree in Chapel, so that you will be with us symbolically whenever we pray.

So please send us your photos so we can remember those especially who would usually be with us during the Christmas season - that includes up to the 2nd February- so healthcare participants as well. They will be with us in spirit at every Mass and whenever we pray. If you prefer not to send a photo but can send your names that will be fine as well.

Thank you so much and God bless you from

Sister Eileen and the Sisters