Thinking Faith 2014

 What were the highlights of this year’s Thinking Faith?

Thinking - Our theme for this year was Catholic Social Teaching. Fr Dixie presented the historical background to Rerum Novarum, Pope Leo XIII's encyclical of 1891, the originating document of CST.

Sr Margaret gave an overview of key documents and key themes. The other speakers, Julian Coman, Diogo Alvim and Peter Smith, gave illuminating presentations about the contributions of CST to socialism, Christian democracy and conservatism respectively.

The talks and the group sessions gave us plenty of opportunity to examine the texts and ideas of CST in more depth.

Martina raised the topic of the common good from an unusual angle, using the film Never Let Me Go, based on a novel by Kazuo Ishiguro.

Thinking Faith 2014 Thinking Faith 2014
Thinking Faith 2014 Thinking Faith 2014


As usual we shared Morning Prayer and Mass together and joined the Community for Evening and Night Prayer. Boarbank also offers plenty of space for quiet personal prayer, in our chapel, gardens or oratory. A big thank you to Fr Simon for his sermons!

Thinking Faith 2014 Thinking Faith 2014


The long walk this year was a climb above Thirlmere - we dodged the rain, but still discovered why this reservoir provides most of the water for the North West! The views made the climb worthwhile, though. On other days people enjoyed walks to Cartmel, a concert in Cartmel priory and visits to Holker Hall. We watched an entertaining but thought-provoking film, Outsourced, went out for a meal together, had plenty of free time for conversation and finished with a buffet and social evening at which we were joined by other guests and Sisters.


The greatest pleasure of the weeks is always the friendships that develop, based on shared faith and values, fostered by shared meals and conversation, rooted in shared prayer, and open to our hosts, the Augustinian Sisters, and the guests with whom we also share the Guest House.

Thinking Faith 2014 Thinking Faith 2014

Thank you to Diogo for the photos.

Next year's theme will be 'Faith and the Arts'.

The week will be open to Catholics in their 20s to 40s. The dates booked are 1st-8th August.

For a provisional booking or more information, please contact Sr Margaret

Thinking Faith 2014 Thinking Faith 2014
Thinking Faith 2014 Thinking Faith 2014