This was our first weekend for younger Catholics in healthcare.

We were delighted to welcome six pioneers, as well as Dr Karen Groves and Dr Chris Harrison and their respective spouses, and a couple of our nurses from Marymount, to reflect on the theme of ‘Communication’.

Fr Dixie began with a talk on ‘The Word of God.’ Chris focused on the theme of listening and the way in which elements of the Benedictine tradition can help doctors to become better listeners. Sr Margaret raised the question of truth-telling, and got the group working on a ‘disputation’ in the style of St Thomas Aquinas on whether it ever could be right to lie to a patient.

Hope in Health group Hope in Health group


Karen explained the need for clarity of language, especially in the area of care for the dying, and explored ways of enabling ordinary healthcare professionals to help patients discuss and deal with spiritual and religious distress. The group also had a wide-ranging conversation about possible ways of providing support for, and better contacts among, Catholics in healthcare, especially early on in their careers.

Hope in Health group Hope in Health group


The hard work was complemented by shared prayer, together and with the Community, meals and social time, as well as space for private prayer and reflection.

We hope to be able to continue providing a space for reflection for Catholics near the beginning of their careers in healthcare.

If you might be interested in a similar event, or simply in being in touch with people in the same situation, please contact Sr Margaret