As we reach the start of 2021 we, the Sisters at Boarbank, hope and pray that Christmastide will bring hope and joy to you all in what has been a dark and difficult year. We are very grateful for all the cards, gifts and good wishes that we have received. We shall miss all of our regular guests, especially during prayers and meals, and hope to hang your names (with photos if we can find them or you provide them) on the Christmas tree in Chapel, so that you will be with us symbolically whenever we pray.

St Augustine
My God, I give thanks to you, my source of sweet delight, and my glory and my confidence.

Catholics and our Common Home CTS pamphlet

To celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of Laudato Si’, Sr Margaret’s CTS pamphlet, Catholics and Our Common Home has been reprinted in a revised version, with the new subtitle, Caring for The Planet in a Time of Crisis.

Susanne and Jonas with Masks

Two qualified accountants in Hongkong - Susanne Chiu and Jonas Fung - with the Chinese people of Hongkong have donated 2,000 surgical face masks to Boarbank Hall.