Augustine with some poor people, manuscript of Historia Augustini, 1430-1440

Didn’t you know that if you welcome any Christian, you are welcoming Him? Didn’t He say himself, ‘I was a stranger and you welcomed me’?

(St Augustine, Sermon 236.3)

Community News

It seems a long time since Christmas!

But we did celebrate Christmas and New Year in the usual style, with various schools coming to sing and perform nativity plays for us, the Flookburgh Silver Band playing carols, a Guest House full of old and new friends, and lots of figgy pudding and other appropriate pleasures.

Boarbank Christmas Sr Sylvana and Sr Florence at Christmas
Christmas Guests Boarbank Christmas

Other celebrations since then have included Candlemass and Our Lady of Lourdes, when we were able to welcome several friends to join us for a meal after Mass.

Visit To The Grotto On Our Lady of Lourdes Boarbank Grotto

CLICK HERE for Fr Peter's homily for Ash Wednesday

and CLICK HERE for Fr Dixie's homily for 3rd Sunday of Lent

Staff Thank you

Elizabeth and the Sisters invited our Staff and Coffee Ladies to thank you celebrations around the fire at the end of January.

It is good to be able to acknowledge the wonderful work they do for us all year round.

Staff Thank you




Ann Lampard came for her regular singing sessions with the Sisters at the end of January.

She assures us that every year we are a little better - whether or not, we always enjoy it greatly! Many thanks, Ann.

On 31st January, several Sisters joined Religious men and women from across the Diocese at the Little Sisters of the Poor in Preston, to celebrate with Bishop Michael a special Day for Religious in the Year of Consecrated Life.

Sisters With An Old Friend Sr Ruth and Eileen at Ambleside

The Sisters have been enjoying visits to Ambleside over the last few weeks.

We welcome Sr Nicole, from one of our Canadian sister-communities, who is here until after Easter to improve her English. She is responsible for an important museum of the history of the Federation in Canada, where the Augustinians played a significant role in the development of healthcare. She and Sr Eileen have also visited our two sister-houses in Liverpool

Sr Nicole
Visiting Ince Blundell Visiting Park House

Building and renovation

The lift in the Convent is in and working, though some decorating remains to be done.

The new-look Drawing Room is now fully restored and refurnished. We hope you will like it as much as we do. A very big thank you to those of you who have very generously donated to help with this project.
The slide show here is a mixture of before and after pictures to show the contrast.

start stop bwd fwd

Guest House

The annual Health and Salvation week began on 12th January on the theme 'Faith and Mental Health', with speakers including Bishop Richard Moth, Dr Susan Benbow, Fr Anthony Keefe, Fr David Egan, Fr Peter Rosser and Dr Siobhan Reilly.

Bernadette and Nuala Prof and Vercoe with Sr Margaret and Sr Benedict
Around the fire Bishop Richard et al

We also had a visit from Vercoe the Clown and Professor Forte. As always, we learned a lot, prayed a lot and had lots of fun!

CLICK HERE for the full report on the Recent Health and Salvation week.

On 13th February we hosted a Colloquium on the theme 'Catholic and Secular' in memory of our friends Amanda and Emile Perreau-Saussine. The speakers were all eminent scholars who were also personal friends of Emile and Amanda. Professor Raymond Geuss, of the Philosophy Faculty at Cambridge University, has kindly allowed us to make available the recording of his talk, on St Augustine.


For more information also CLICK HERE

On 20th February our regular group of Cenacolo parents visited. It was good to see them, and to welcome two of the young men from our local Cenacolo community. For more on the excellent work they do, see

This year's Time to Reflect weekend, at the end of February was on St Catherine of Siena.

A big thank you to Rosemary Mitchell for leading us in our explorations. CLICK HERE for the recent report [pics from Sue Lawrenson]

Nursing Home

Residents have been very active recently - a visit to 'The King and I' in Grange, flower-arranging classes in Cartmel, the 'Knit and Natter' Club in Flookburgh, and a Gardening Club growing plants from seed to raise money for residents' activities are just a few examples. Residents also have plans to raise money for a new minibus. The Nursing Home has joined a syndicate of local care facilities putting in a bid to Comic Relief for a grant for community activities.


A big thank you to Márk Szaplonczay from Hungary, who worked with us in the Nursing Home and Guest House for a couple of months before leaving to work with the homeless in Naples. Márk is a seminarian in the Greek Catholic Church. We wish him the very best for his continued studies and formation. Thank you also to Maria Dudáková, who came to help from Slovakia via Windermere School - and we hope to see her back again before too long.

Marc Hungarian Seminarian
Maria at work sunset

Sr Margaret went to Hammersmith on 24th January to give talks on Augustine and hospitality to Austin Forum, run by the Augustinian Friars, and to the Nazareth House Sisters. Thank you to the friars for their very warm welcome.Womens World Day of Prayer

On 6th March we hosted in our chapel the Women's World Day of Prayer for Churches Together in Grange-over-Sands and District, followed by tea and cakes. This year the service came from the Bahamas. Over 60 ladies attended from all our local churches.

We are sad to report the deaths of several of our residents over the last couple of months: Elsie Stables, May Booth, Phyllis Woodward and Vera Round.

We offer our deep sympathy to their families and friends.

We also remember three other people closely connected with Boarbank, Ray Smith, Peter Anderson and Dr Nora Mason.

Friends of the Anderson family may like to follow THIS LINK  May they rest in peace.