Saint Monica with Augustine as a child


St Augustine on his mother’s refusal to indulge in gossip

Another great gift with which you endowed that good servant of yours, in whose womb you created me, my God my mercy was that whenever she could she reconciled dissident and quarrelling people.
She showed herself so great a peacemaker that when she had heard from both sides many bitter things, ...
Monica would never reveal to one anything about the other unless it might help to reconcile them... It should be regarded as a matter of common humanity not to stir up enmities between people nor to increase them by

malicious talk, if one lacks the resolve to try to extinguish them by speaking generously. That was the kind of person she was because she was taught by you as her inward teacher in the school of her heart.

[From the Confessions]

Community Activities


On Friday July 3, we observed a minute silence after the Angelus for the victims of Tunisia and migrants in the Mediterranean.
The desperate plight of these vulnerable people has been very much in our prayers and thoughts.

We had afternoon exposition on July 11 in response to Archbishop Nichols’ invitation for prayers in support of his parish evangelization programme.




Allithwaite Carnival
At one pm in fine weather, the Allithwaite Carnival procession on a farm theme stopped outside Boarbank Hall.

There were several floats full of brightly dressed children smiling and looking for our approval.

Cross of Unity

The Cross of Unity from St Charles church was carried into our chapel after the first hymn at Sunday Mass on July 12 to the alcove to be there until August 16.

It was to be with us until the next stage of its journey round the area. Srs Eileen and Michael took the cross to St Mary’s Allithwaite on August 16 for their Sunday morning church service where they received a warm welcome.

The beautiful accompanying prayer goes like this:

‘As this cross journeys round the community, may it be seen as a sign of the unity which is your will and your gift.’

More on The One Community

We had a celebration day for the one Community. Fr Bernard Rolls OSA presided at our Mass on July 16 at 11am and gave us input.

Sisters came from Park House and Ince Blundell for a get together and to acknowledge we are now officially ‘The One Community’. Our celebration mass was dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. This was followed by memorable input from Fr Bernard Rolls on the theme of embracing the changes in our lives.

Then we had a celebration meal in the refectory with a tiramisu worthy of the occasion! We looked for inspiration from scripture as we move forward together and discussed some of the implications of our union.

We used the theme of preserving the essential aspects of our Augustinian life. All agreed the day had been most helpful to us all.

Trip to Canada
Trip to Canada

Sr Eileen went to Paris on July 29 with our French prioresses in order to travel to Canada, returning to us on August 7
and enjoyed the celebrations for the 375th anniversary of the Quebec community.
Two hundred guests attended.

Trips out included old Quebec, the other Augustinian monasteries,
Parliament and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Canada.

Sr Eileen also visited the Sisters’ House of Memory Museum.


CLICK HERE for the Canadian Community website

Sr Nicole sent love to us and would very much like to come back and see us.


On August 11, Sr Imelda Poole IBVM gave us a rewarding evening with slides on her Anti-Trafficking work as a Mary Ward sister. She is president of Religious in Europe Networking Against Trafficking and Exploitation, a group of religious congregations working against human trafficking in Europe and is trying to help destitute Roma people in Albania to avoid getting snared in trafficking through building positive education and work programmes.

The Roma people are vulnerable because they are discriminated against and therefore find it hard to find work. To learn more about Sr Imelda’s valuable work CLICK HERE

Singing Lessons

From August 24-27, we had our usual valuable and lively singing lessons with Ann Lampard.

Ann retired in 2005 from her work as Head of Voice at the Junior Royal Academy of Music. She now spends time teaching music on the Isle of Skye in the Hebrides and travelling to adjudicate and give classes all over the UK, including her work in religious communities. Ann recently received a well-deserved MBE from Princess Anne on June 25 for her dedicated services to music.

We enjoyed watching a DVD of the occasion complete with Ann in a charming pink outfit. Copyright prevents us from showing a picture here but you can tell that we were all very proud of her and her achievement.

Well done Ann, and thanks for all you do for us and so many people.

Feast of St Augustine

We celebrated our Feast of St Augustine on August 28 with a special Mass and meal in the refectory.

Sisters joined us from Park House and Ince Blundell in Liverpool and the Bishop celebrated Mass for us. We were delighted with our booklets of the Office of St Augustine put together by Sr Annette. At 5pm, we looked at pictures of Sr Eileen’s trip to Canada.

Trip to Morlaix

Sr Margaret went to Morlaix for a meeting of the Committee for Ongoing Formation at the beginning of September, followed by Sr Eileen, who attended both the General Council and the Prioresses’ Assembly.

Guest House

Family Week

The last week in July was the annual family week at Boarbank when families gather together for a week of holiday fun together. We had some sunny days along with rainy ones! The families enjoyed their activities together in the evenings.

Thinking Faith

Thinking Faith Thinking Faith
Thinking Faith Thinking Faith

We welcomed a very lively group of Catholics in their 20s and 30s for our week on the topic of Faith and the Arts, including talks on music, the visual arts, film and literature, and an explanation of the building of our chapel by our architect.

As usual, the whole was set in the context of shared prayer and social activities, with a wonderful visit to Coniston one of the highlights. 

CLICK HERE for the full report with more pictures

A Wedding

On August 15, Przemek and Liliana who work in our guest house and nursing home were married in Warsaw, Poland at 4pm, Polish time.

Gaëtan Guillebon, Peter Dudak, Zuzana Dudakova, and Helen Parker have shared working holidays with us this summer. We have been grateful for their company and help. It is good to welcome back Elena López, who will be staying for the autumn.

Helen & Elena Peter & Gaëtan

The Nursing Home

Harp Music

On July 3 in Marymount, three harpists played in the afternoon. The music was beautiful, including Israeli and Irish pieces. Residents were also given the opportunity to play the harps.

On July 13, there was a silk painting activity which was also much enjoyed.

On August 19, residents enjoyed a fascinating talk on the history of Cartmel Priory from Gail Swanson.

Zuzanna Dudakova from Slovakia has spent a working holiday with us at Marymount, and Freddy Harney, from Brussels, but with family links to Boarbank, will be with us until Christmas.

Requiescant In Pace

Sadly, we have had losses among friends and in the nursing home.

We are very sorry to report the death of Alice Jones, the longest resident member of the Nursing Home, on August 11.

Alice’s funeral took place in our chapel.

Other regular visitors to Boarbank who have died recently include Ben Turnbull, Peter Hill, Judit Sabesi, Barbara Almond and Mary Beechinor.

May they rest in peace.