Augustine Statue
My entire hope is exclusively in your very great mercy.

From The Confessions Bk X (29)


Our kitchen staff have maintained their 5 stars Food Safety and Hygiene rating on the most recent inspection

"Congratulations to everyone involved and thank you for your hard work."


At long last the new phone system is working as we always hoped that it would.

Quicker access to the most popular extensions - Guest House Bookings, Matron and Nursing Home Bookings, Nursing Home Floors and the kitchen - is possible now by listening to the choices after connection. We are very grateful to David Bushell for his help and perseverence in dealing with BT- without him we would not have a fully working system. We also thank all those who called whilst we were having "teething problems" for their patience and understanding.

As always comments and observations are welcome, there may still be some 'fine tuning' to do, but we can promise you no irritating music!

Back to the other news...

Easter 2016

As always, our Easter liturgy and celebrations were enriched by the support of our friends. John Moffat sang the Exultet beautifully at our Vigil Mass on Easter Saturday, after we had gathered outside by a roaring fire to light the Paschal flame. This beautiful Vigil Mass was followed by refreshments in the guest house. We enjoyed and valued the company of our visitors who over the following days participated wholeheartedly in our liturgy. A few photos follow to give you a feel for our celebration...

 Maundy Thursday Maundy Thursday 
 Good Friday 
 Sat Vigil
Sat Vigil Sat Vigil


Easter Sunday Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday Easter Sunday


On the Thursday before Palm Sunday, we were delighted to welcome Sr Marian Farrelly and Sr Margaret Middleton into our community, following the closure of their community at Park House. We now have Sr Margaret M. and Sr Margaret A.! 

As they have settled, it has been a pleasure for us to see them participate in our community life which is greatly enriched by their presence and contribution. We hope they will continue to be very happy with us here.

Sr Anne Donockley RIP

Sr Anne Donockley
On April 22 at 11.20pm, Sr Anne Donockley died peacefully at Boarbank surrounded by the care of her sisters and staff.

She had endured her long illness with dignity and courage maintaining her warm outreach to others almost to the end. She will be greatly missed. May she rest in peace. Her Requiem Mass was at 12 noon on Saturday April 30.

CLICK HERE to read a tribute to her life

Sr Placid Hunt RIP

Sr Placid Hunt
On May 2, Sr Placid died peacefully in Marymount at 8am. She had been with us for fourteen years, a period during which she served the community faithfully and tranquilly as a dedicated sacristan for ten years, together with Sr Lawrence who came with her to us from their Benedictine house at Fernham which was obliged to close in 2002.

Sr Placid lived out her time in the nursing home with patience and tranquillity. Her Requiem Mass was at 12 noon on Monday May 9.

CLICK HERE to read a tribute to her life

Community Day of Recollection

On May 11, Fr John Watson led us through a very helpful community day of recollection with input in the afternoon and morning. We had a period of adoration in the evening.

Anniversary Celebration

On June 7 we celebrated the first anniversary of our becoming “Our Lady of Hope Community” with some of our sisters from Ince Blundell. Abbess Andrea and Sr Anna from the Stanbrook Community, now relocated at Wass in the North York Moors, gave us some valuable input and we thank them for their generosity. We were delighted to meet them

Other Events

In late April, Srs Margaret M. and Ildiko attended Allithwaite Community Centre where the women’s Institute were holding a spring fair. They brought home some delicious lemon drizzle cake for us.

Trip to France

Sr Eileen visited our community in France, Pont L’Abbe, from May 17-21 for a General Council meeting.

Sr Margaret A. speaks at Kendal and to Augustinian Youth

Sr Margaret A. facilitated a day conference hosted by Fr Hugh Pollock and the parish in Kendal on May 14 entitled ‘Faith in the New Economics’. The two speakers, Jonathan Dawson and David Midgley, both involved with the Schumacher Society, spoke inspiringly about the many new ideas and activities that are springing up both in Britain and across the world, which can give real hope as people learn to live more simply and more ecologically, but in richer, stronger local communities. In her introduction, Sr Margaret explained the close links between these ideas and Catholic Christian social teaching.

On May 17, Sr Margaret gave the first of a week-long series on vocations at the Austin Forum at St Augustine’s, Hammersmith, asking the question, ‘How are you called?’, with illustrations from St Augustine’s own life. She enjoyed meeting friends among the friars and the Augustinian Youth organisers, as well as other people from the parish.

Open Day at Hyning

On May 21, Srs Michael and Ildikó attended the open garden day at Our Lady of Hyning Convent. A garden historian gave a talk on the history of the garden area and showed slides of the garden from the 1920s and 1930s. This was followed by a tour of the garden and a cream tea.

Coffee Morning

Our annual Coffee Morning on May 30 was a great success and well attended in beautiful sunshine with lavish collections of clothes, antiques and bric a brac , toiletries and books on sale with a tombola, plant stall and ‘other items’ to buy outside.

 Coffee morning Coffee morning 

We raised a total of over £9,250! Thank you all so much.

Coffee morning
Coffee morning

Sr Eileen and the Community are very grateful indeed to everyone who volunteered, gave things to sell, and came to buy things on the day, as well as to many generous friends for donations.
The Sisters would also like to express their thanks to those who use “Give as you Live” and those who Gift Aid their donations from which we benefit- may the Lord bless you abundantly for your great generosity.

Sr Margaret M and her soda bread
 Mm! Delicious

Concert in Grange

On June 3 in the evening, Srs Eileen and Geneviève attended a concert organized by Grange District Concert Club at Victoria Hall, with Savitri Grier on the violin and Richard Uttley on the piano. The first half featured Mozart and Janacek and the second half was Brahms and Ravel. Our sisters greatly enjoyed their evening.

Guest House

We have been very blessed with volunteer helpers in recent years. Lucy from Slovakia was with us for a fortnight over Easter. James, from Silverdale, has just left us after a month, while Heather, also quite a local lass, has joined Helen as a long-term volunteer, and Ludovic from France is with us until the middle of July. Our volunteers enrich our community enormously, not only by their work but also by the friendship, ideas, and energy that they bring to life at Boarbank, and by their presence with us in chapel.

Piano Recital

Lucy from Slovakia
Lucy Svetova from Slovakia gave us a delightful piano recital on March 29 in the evening including some beautiful Slovakian music.

Weekend on Mercy

Fr Luiz Ruscillo
From April 9 to 12, we had an inter-faith weekend which was on the theme of Mercy. On Friday night, we had a moving talk from Fr Luiz Ruscillo on the passage in St John on the woman taken in adultery. He made the unusual point that Jesus showed mercy to the woman’s accusers by saving them from the sin they intended to commit. He also mentioned that there was no reference to the man!


On Saturday, there were speakers from a range of traditions including delightful representatives of Buddhism, Islam and Judaism. Everyone enjoyed a delicious vegetarian lunch. It was a good inter-faith exercise.

On Sunday afternoon, Sr Margaret A. spoke about Augustinian spirituality and Mercy in the Drawing Room and a group of sisters answered some questions from the group.


Faith in Work Group: Friday 29- May 2

This weekend was the occasion of an animated and inspiring occasion for discussion on faith, work and vocation issues. There was a particular emphasis on the ethics of our working lives.

On Friday evening, Sr Margaret Atkins spoke on ‘Work as Vocation and Mission’’ looking at the riole of the laiety in the church and later that evening Tim Livesey, former chief of staff to Ed Milliband, invited us to consider issues of moral fulfilment versus expediency in the work place.
Faith In Work weekendL to R: Sr Margaret A.,Chris Ohlsen, John Battle, Maria PowerThen on Saturday afternoon, John Battle, who was Labour MP for Leeds West from 1987 to 2010, spoke about the connection between Prayer and Action in some of his fascinating projects on behalf of the community, including orchestrating the community ownership of a local swimming pool, and after supper Danny Daly spoke about the development of his spiritual vocation in ‘Identifying your Mission’. He now works for the Emmaus project on behalf of homeless people.

The next morning Ian Tilton explored ethical issues in photography in his talk ‘Photography and Integrity’ and in the afternoon Kathryn Mannix, a consulant in palliative care, spoke about dealing with particular challenges at work. We enjoyed a buffet supper in the evening followed by a characteristically enthusiastic piano recital from Haydn Lee.
The input ended on Monday morning as Nick Franchini, co-founder of ‘Good Works’, led us to share our own experiences of morally complex issues in the work place. ‘Good Works’ aims to strengthen people to do the right thing where they work. This is done through creating events and the sharing of ideas.

CLICK HERE for the original weekend information and for wider links if you would like to know more. It's a very interesting idea.

Film on Augustine

On the evenings of May 4 and May 11, we watched a fascinating film on the life of St Augustine. Surprisingly, in view of the power and relevance of the story, this is the first full-length film on the life of the saint. The film reconstructs the historical era and the life story of Augustine.

Nursing Home

Birthday party for the Queenunion jack bunting

On May 12, in the afternoon we celebrated the 90th birthday of the Queen in Marymount Lounge with a piano recital of music from the Queen’s era and cream scones with tea. The room was decorated with photos from the Queen’s life.


On June 6, the two clowns, Ruben from Sweden and Vercoe from the UK, came to the nursing home and gave a memorable performance for our nursing home residents and some of the sisters, together with our chaplain Fr John.

Vercoe the clown
The programme began with Vercoe, his real name is Arthur Pedlar, telling us how he made the decision to become a clown as a child when he discovered the potential of a clown’s performance for silently communicating with an audience. This opened up his world. Later he became a member of the British troupe at the Cirque Medrano in Paris.
Arthur performed the moving poem ‘Well’ for us by Reverend Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy on the theme of judgement. He was then joined by Ruben Madsen coming in from the bright sunshine with a tiny sun umbrella and performing for us some comic musical pieces. Vercoe showed us how he puts on his clown make-up and performed more comic pieces with a violin and collapsing chair. All in all, it was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Requiescant In Pace

Sadly we have had the recent deaths of our Sisters Anne Donockley and Placid Hunt. We have also lost two much loved residents from the nursing home.

May they rest in Peace.
We offer our deepest sympathies to their families who were wonderful and inspiring examples of love and patience.