Staff of Sacred Heart & St Columba
From 3rd to 4th September we welcomed the staff of Sacred Heart and St Columba’s Primary Schools in Barrow.

Sacred Heart School came for the first day, led by Fr Dixie and Sr Margaret on the theme ‘The Prayers of Jesus’, with many of the staff staying with us overnight.


St Augustine & St Monica in ecstasy at Ostia, School of Makonde, Tanzania

"Our minds were lifted up by an ardent affection towards eternal being itself"  (St Augustine, Confessions 9.24).


August/September 2012 News
On 16th August, we celebrated the Month’s Mind for Sr Yvonne, and the Community were able to take some time together to look at old photographs and share memories of Sr Yvonne, whose long life and work within Boarbank and the wider Federation has touched so many people.News 120803NewsNews

On 28th August we celebrated the Feast of our Patron, St Augustine. Bishop Michael was the chief celebrant and his sermon on St Augustine is well worth a summary. He made three fundamental points. Firstly, we will make spiritual progress to the degree that we place ourselves at the service of all. Secondly, God`s presence in us is not just a pious idea, it is a reality; God our Father is everywhere with all his power and love. Thirdly, it is the Word of God that gives life; the words of Scripture are not meant merely to be read, but to be assimilated by the soul. We then enjoyed an appropriate meal with a refectory full of guests. Many thanks as always to our kitchen and guest house staff, who work to make these occasions so enjoyable for everyone concerned.
Sr Eileen was in Brittany from 3rd to 13th September at a Prioresses’ Meeting in Gouarec. It was a good meeting with all the Prioresses of the Order and the General Council. Everyone was made so welcome by the Community there who also hosted a day to celebrate Sr Marie Claude’s Golden Jubilee on the 8th September which was enjoyed by over 90 Sisters from the Federation. The celebration included a lovely Mass followed by a buffet lunch beautifully served in the Dining Hall of the school then in the afternoon several Sisters displayed their entertaining talents in items serious, graceful, melodic and funny.
Despite the bad weather the garden has been producing apples, tomatoes and courgettes among other things. But the highlight has been the sweetcorn that Sr Josephine produced for us unexpectedly. She had been nurturing them for months and they were delicious!
In August, we said au revoir to Sr Scolastique and Anne-Gaëlle. Sr Scolastique & Anne GaelleSr Scolastique & Anne Gaelle

We are delighted that the French connection continues with the arrival of Camille, who will be with us until March. Her parents came with her for the first week to enjoy some holiday in the area, and she is now fully inserted in Boarbank life and improving her English very quickly.Camille with the Scripture groupCamille with the Scripture group
In between other activities, we have been enjoying the excitement and skill of the Olympics and Paralympics, and also of Andy Murray’s tennis triumphs (which have been inspiring certain Boarbank residents to greater efforts on the court).
On Friday 17th August, Angelo’s nephew Michael came to provide music for the residents of Marymount.It was a lovely afternoon enabling the use of the terrace to enjoy the music and tea. We are very grateful to Michael, and also to Angelo who has officially retired from the Guest House but come back out of retirement a couple of times to help us out. It was very nice to welcome the whole family to Sunday lunch with the Sisters recently.
We extend our thanks and good wishes to other staff who have left in recent times from various departments most after many years of devoted service for which we can never adequately thank them – we remember in particular Anne and Pat.
On Friday 7th September, Sr Anne played for an afternoon at which the patient chose their favourite hymns -  though the first two choices on the list were ‘Tiptoe Through The Tulips’ and ‘I'll Be Your Sweetheart If You Will Be Mine’!
There are a number of “comings and goings” at present among the staff in Marymount with several of the younger staff leaving due to their studies or moving into the world of fulltime work- we wish them every success.  We are very grateful to the staff who have been working over the summer and wish them success in their studies and look forward to their return at Christmastime. We said a sad “Goodbye” to Pam after more years than either side care to recall - we wish her every happiness and success and know that she will keep in touch. Welcome to Charmain, Cathy, Helen and Stacey – we hope you will enjoy long, happy and fulfilling careers with us. We are very grateful to all the staff who have cared for some very ill people in their final days, providing peace and comfort to them and their families at this difficult and precious time in their lives.
Sr Anne attended an excellent concert in the Grange Concert Society series with the soprano Carolyn McPhee accompanied by Joseph Middleton , singing Schubert Lieder, Debussy, and some opera, including a favourite piece from ‘The Merry Widow’. Sr Anne’s comment: ‘She sang like a bell.’
To mark the Year of Faith, we have opened a CTS bookstall, in the capable hands of Sr Florence. So far the booklets are selling like hot cakes!
From 3rd to 4th September we welcomed the staff of Sacred Heart and St Columba’s Primary Schools in Barrow. Sacred Heart School came for the first day, led by Fr Dixie and Sr Margaret on the theme ‘The Prayers of Jesus’, with many of the staff staying with us overnight. On the Tuesday we were joined by St Columba’s for similar sessions on the theme of ‘The Body of Christ’. Many thanks to Fr Bernard for acting as chaplain to the two days, which combined prayer, reflection, discussion and time for relaxation. It was a great encouragement to listen to the staff talking about their work with such dedication and warmth.News
On Saturday 1st September Sr Anne and Sr Elizabeth attended the Mass to Commemorate the Preston Guild Year, which takes place every twenty years. This was in St Walburge’s in Preston, with Bishop Michael as the chief celebrant and Archbishop Vincent Nichols as the preacher. The Mass was very well attended and the choir and music were very good. The Mass music had been especially composed for the occassion. Sue Lawrenson, a friend of the community, was in the choir.
On Wednesday 12th September, Sr Anne spoke to the Staveley Mothers’ Union, where there was also a visiting Mother's union from Aspatria. Sr Anne spoke about the order, the community at Boarbank and her own personal journey as a sister. There was a beautiful tea afterwards and also a suprise awaiting Sister Anne in that there was a lady there who had been in secondary school with her - Pauline Badger (then O'Gorman). They had never met since schooldays until this day. Much reminiscing took place.
We repeated our Thinking Scripture week from 8th to 15th September, with a big group, including a nice mix of old and new faces. The theme once again was Acts of the Apostles, and we much enjoyed the chance to appreciate St Luke’s narrative skill as he took us through the adventures of the early Church. We even managed a birthday celebration as a part of the week! For a full report, please see the Thinking Scripture page.Thinking Scripture
Thinking Scripture

Thinking ScriptureNews120812
Thinking ScriptureThinking Scripture

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