When: 21st - 23rd March 2014

Time to reflect

 A Lenten weekend for lecturers and teachers in higher education who are Christians of any persuasion

The dreaming spires have long disappeared.

Today’s university lecturers are fighting exhaustion and overwork, and rarely have space to ponder, to potter or to pray. Here is the chance to enjoy a bit of space from the pressure, with like-minded colleagues, and to reflect at a deeper level on why the job is worth doing, and on how we ought to be doing it.

Topics  Theilard de Chardin SJ, Marie-Joseph Lagrange OP

Speakers  Mr Alexander Murray, Fr Richard Taylor [pic]

Cost  £110 (reduced fees available on request)

Themes for past weekends have included ‘Wisdom,’ ‘Faith in education,’ ‘Newman and higher education,’ ‘What is education?’ ‘Speaking the truth in love,’ and ‘Great Christian thinkers’.

You can also download and print out a small leaflet about the course and Boarbank, if you wish to publicise this course in your local area.

For information and provisional reservations please contact Sr Margaret