When: 27th February to 1st March 2015

Freedom & Hope






A Lentern weekend for lecturers

As Christians we are committed to understanding education in the context of the picture of God and humanity that our faith teaches.

The weekend will allow us to ponder our fundamental purpose as teachers and scholars, and will be led by Dr Rosemary Mitchell,
from the History department of Leeds Trinity University.

The dreaming spires have long disappeared. Today's university lecturers are fighting exhaustion and overwork, and rarely have space to ponder, to potter or to pray. Here is the chance to enjoy a bit of space from the pressure, with like-minded colleagues, and to reflect at a deeper level on why the job is worth doing, and on how we ought to be doing it.
The weekend will include talks and discussion, time to walk or sight-see, the opportunity for shared prayer, and time to relax, reflect chat and in beautiful and peaceful surroundings.
It is aimed in particular at university and college lecturers who are Christians of any persuasion. Anyone with teaching experience in higher education who is sympathetic to its general aims would also be welcome to come.

To secure a place, you will need to send a deposit of £40 (cheques payable to 'Boarbank Hall').

The full cost for the weekend will be £116. The balance will be payable on arrival.

For directions to Boarbank Hall, CLICK HERE

*Guests who might have difficulty in paying the full fee may request a reduced fee.

Warm clothes and waterproofs
Walking boots, if you are a good walker
A bottle or two to share
Tennis equipment if you want to use the courts.

Essays to mark
Articles to finish
Reports to write
Your mobile phone (or if you bring it, keep it switched off!)

The point is to help you escape!

For more information and bookings, please contact Sr Margaret

You can also download and print out a small leaflet about the course and Boarbank, if you wish to publicise this course in your local area.