Is Boarbank the place for you?

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Christ looked for you before you thought of seeking Him, and He found you so that you might find Him (Augustine Commentary on Psalm 138 14)

As Augustinian sisters at Boarbank, we form a community within a community, the yeast within the dough.

Through our daily sharing of Mass and the Prayer of the Church and through private prayer, we provide a contemplative core for Boarbank's many activities.

Drawing our strength from there, we work together with our lay staff and many friends to run our Nursing Home, Guest House and residential courses, and to support the work of the Church locally and throughout the world.


Boarbank offers a unique mix:
strong community life and communal prayer that is thoroughly integrated into a busy institution, largely run by lay people.

Our staff, Christian and non-Christian alike, are completely dedicated to sharing in our mission of hospitality and care for those in need.

We need talents and skills of every kind to maintain Boarbank Hall, not only nursing and caring, hospitality and teaching, but also gardening, cleaning, building, computing, music-making, cooking, play and even accountancy play an important part in our life.

We need women who want to dedicate themselves to Christ, sharing our life of prayer and community, and our charism of hospitality of all kinds, particularly care for the poor and sick.

A community of prayer at the heart of our community of work

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In the measure that we share our joys and bear one another's burdens, we shall find strength and support for the ceaseless building up of unity (Constitutions, 90)