Thinking Faith 2020:

Switch Off and Plug into God!

The Lord has a sense of humour!

This year’s Thinking Faith week was planned as a walking week

Discovering John Bradburne
Held at Boarbank Hall, 21st-24th June 2019.

First may I say that honey bees
Live lives like the lives of saints

as John Bradburne, a great lover of bees, writes in one of his poems.

This year’s Autumn Break went backwards in time from the Seventeenth Century to the Middle Ages.

Thinking Scripture
Which James?

Which John?

Why are they writing, and to whom?

Discovering John Bradburne: 21st-24th June 2019

Professor David Crystal writes:

A truly remarkable weekend.

The 'Called to Work' weekend was for anyone interested in linking their work and their faith, especially if they were thinking of a change of work, or changing things at work.

It began with an introduction led by Sr Margaret, who explored the language we use for different types of work and leisure.

The next morning James Atkins, Founder and Managing Director of Vertis Environmental Finance spoke of his vision of working for the environment, of what inspired that in him from childhood and of how he keeps the vision alive in his firm.

Helen Bailey, an expert in helping and individuals companies manage change spoke of how her work had been enriched more recently by training in teaching mindfulness and in spiritual direction, and explored ways of making changes at work.

Fr Dermot Tredget, a retired priest of the Diocese of Cardiff, also had an interesting personal story to tell, beginning work as a chef and moving via lecturing to a range of responsibilities during his time as a monk and priest, including using The Rule of St Benedict to help business people reflect on their work.

Martin Lawson, a professional banker and businessman, explored an alternative, Christian, vision to the standard profit-driven model of business, and gave the powerful example of the Clean for Good cleaning company, which provides fair wages and conditions for cleaners in the City of London, and which he helped the Parish of St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe to found in 2014.

Participants were also able to join in Mass and Office with the Community, to enjoy a social evening together, and to watch the film Outsourced, a humorous but thought-provoking film about modern working practices.