The contributions were very rich and varied. The theme of confidentiality was explored in depth, by Fr Christopher Dawson, the Chancellor of the Diocese of Salford and by Dr Karen Groves.

Health & Salvation 2019
Fr Christopher Dawson
 Dr Karen Groves  Health & Salvation 2019

Fr Christopher used his knowledge of both canon law and safeguarding to ask searching questions about the right to privacy: what kind of privacy is appropriate, for example, for electronically stored information or images, or for evidence from confidential psychological investigations? What information should be available for bishops making decisions about priests, and what confidential information should clerics be allowed to reveal to others?

Dr Groves laid out very clearly the high expectations of confidentiality for healthcare professionals and warned against ways in which these tend to be breached, usually through thoughtlessness rather than intent. An interesting discussion followed on the ways in which privacy and practicality, as well as compassion and confidentiality, can be balanced and integrated.

Health & Salvation 2019
Mrs Carrie Almeida

Mrs Carrie Almeida’s fascinating career has focused on helping people to speak. She now works in the NHS. However, she shared with us not only the key ideas in speech and language therapy, but also the highlights of her time as the first speech therapist in the hospital of Vellore in Southern India. There she found herself dealing with minimal equipment with every problem from cleft palates to men whose voices had not broken - often through the medium of not one but two interpreters! Nowadays the hospital boasts a full speech therapy unit, and those who remember her honour her as its founder.

Professor Gerrard Armitage, Emeritus Professor at the Faculty of Health, University of Bradford worked as a nurse in acute paediatric care before moving into academic medicine, especially research on safety and medical error. He provided two fascinating sessions on the lessons learnt from past mistakes. A great deal has been learnt from air crashes, because the air industry investigates mistakes in a thoroughly open-minded way, focusing on improvement rather than blame. Healthcare has a lot to learn from their approach.

 Prof Gerrard Armitage  Discussions
 Health & Salvation 2019  Dr Kath Mannix

Professor Kathryn Mannix told the story of how she retired from her role as a Palliative Care Consultant in Newcastle in order to write With the End in Mind, which has now become a bestseller. The beautifully told stories of her patients’ experiences have enabled her to encourage thousands of people to understand the process of dying and thus to be less fearful of their own death or those of their loved ones. This is the kind of evidence that is essential if ordinary people are to understand why most of those who are experts in helping the dying also oppose euthanasia.

A theological perspective was provided by Fr Richard Taylor of Boarbank Hall, who explored the ways in which the Word touches our lives through Scripture and literature. Sr
Margaret Atkins took Matthew 18.15, ‘if your brother sins against you,’ as her starting-point for reflection on different ways of thinking about accountability. 

Social time during the week included many a conversation around the fire in the hall, and two films, very different in their content. A documentary 'A Man of His Word' about Pope Francis and a light hearted black and white entertainment film from 1938 with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers called 'Carefree'.

 High Dam & Finsthwaite High Dam & Finsthwaite
 High Dam & Finsthwaite Windermere

A group of walkers went to High Dam and Finsthwaite for a fairly gentle stroll (sometimes it's good just to enjoy the surroundings) in lovely walking weather (cool but not too cold) and we ended the week enjoying a buffet with some of the Sisters.

 Conversations Conversations 
 Praying together Praying together 

As usual, the group shared Mass and the prayer of the Church, sometimes by themselves and sometimes with the Sisters. The final Mass, with the Community and residents, was a Mass of Healing, with the sacrament for the sick. Many thanks to Fr David for his liturgical support.

Next year’s course(2020) will be on the theme ‘In the Public Eye’, and will be held from 6th-11th January 2019. Speakers will include Dr Nick Gent, Deputy Head of Public Health England's Emergency Response Department. CLICK HERE for more information and how to reserve your place on this popular course.