Thinking Scripture
Which James?

Which John?

Why are they writing, and to whom?

And how do they relate to other key figures in the New Testament like St Paul?

These were some of the questions we explored during our week on the ‘Catholic Epistles’.

Talks by Fr Richard Taylor, Sr Margaret Atkins and Dr Geoffrey Turner were supplemented by discussion groups. In particular we learnt a lot about the very beginnings of the Christian church: its social and historical background, the communities that produced the letters and the gospels, the network of characters like Mark and Silvanus, who were linked with both Peter and Paul, and the difficulties faced by the writers and their correspondents, with both disagreements within and persecution from outside.

Many thanks to Fr Dixie for also for saying Mass for the group and to Fr John and to Fr Ralph Mancini for providing the regular Masses. As usual the hard work was supplemented by a bit of fun - a chance to walk or explore the local area, a musical meditation in the chapel, and a couple of light-hearted films to enjoy.

Thinking Scripture Thinking Scripture
Thinking Scripture Thinking Scripture

If you wish you hadn’t missed this, don’t worry - there are still places available on the repeat week, beginning September 28th.

Please contact SR MARGARET if you think you would find this course interesting.