Thinking Faith 2019  Thinking Faith 2019 

This year’s Thinking Faith had a whole new dimension! We took the theme of pilgrimage, and we put it into practice. We walked together everyday, and the shared experience deepened our conversation and sense of community more powerfully than ever before.

 Thinking Faith 2019 Thinking Faith 2019 

A few highlights: Sr Silvana’s final profession; getting very lost in a steep mountain forest on the first day of walking - and being rescued by prayer, the Holy Spirit and an amazing sense of community; Evening Prayer in Furness Abbey; walking round the birthplace of some of the Cumbrian martyrs on their Feast Day and visiting the Cenacolo Community, meeting the lads, and celebrating Mass with them and Fr Chris afterwards; breakfast at Janet’s in Kirkby Lonsdale and tea with Fr Luiz in Hornby - with a long hot walk in between; seeing John Lingard’s house with Fr Luiz; a day in the Lakes - sight-seeing for some, some serious climbing, and views, for others - then finishing with Evening Prayer in the Achille Ratti chapel; the film The Way; parish Masses in Hornby and Windermere; talks from Brother Sam on pilgrimage and on the martyrs, from Neil Curry on walking the Camino before it was popular, and from Sr Margaret on varieties of religious life; lots of shared prayer, conversations and fun. One pilgrim’s account can be read here 

 Inside St Anthonys St Anthony's 
 A Well Deserved Reward Still Smiling 

As always, we took advantage of the regular life of Boarbank to join in with Mass and Sung Office with the Community, and enjoy meals together in the Guest House.

 Bernardo Bear Kirkby Lonsdale Ruskin's View 
 Cenacolo Visit Relaxing Is Important Too 

 This wouldn’t have been possible without so many people: especial thanks to Fr Chris, Bruno and the Community, Fr Luiz, Fr Kevan, Furness Abbey and Cartmel Priory, Janet, Helen, Caterina, Br Sam, the Boarbank Community, and above all, Fr Richard Finn, who had the idea in the first place. We are praying that he will be well enough to join us next year!

Community - The greatest pleasure of the weeks is always the friendships that develop, based on shared faith and values, fostered by shared meals and conversation, rooted in shared prayer, and open to our hosts, the Augustinian Sisters, and the guests with whom we also share the Guest House.

 View From the Top Gemmas Birthday Present  

We have definitely decided to keep up the walks for next year - though we will have a proper day off this time! The theme will be ‘Switch Off and Plug In’, and the date will be 18th-25th July 2020. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Thinking Faith is open to Catholics in their 20s to 40s. If you might be interested for joining us in next year, please contact SR MARGARET for more information