One of the worst nightmares for Nursing or Care Staff at the moment is having to deal with patients without proper protection.

Gloves, face-masks and the rest protect both the staff and their patients. It has been extremely difficult for Nursing Homes and Care Homes to access the right equipment to keep them and their patients safe.

Masks in Action
The patients, staff and sisters at Boarbank Hall feel particularly blessed in this context.

Two qualified accountants in Hongkong - Susanne Chiu and Jonas Fung - with the Chinese people of Hongkong have donated 2,000 surgical face masks. Generosity of this sort not only helps to keep our patients and staff safe, but also does so much to help morale.

These difficult times have brought out so much kindness, even from the other side of the world, and it is good to be able say thank you in a public way.

We are so grateful for their very generous gift.