Catholics and our Common Home CTS pamphlet

To celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of Laudato Si’, Sr Margaret’s CTS pamphlet, Catholics and Our Common Home has been reprinted in a revised version, with the new subtitle, Caring for The Planet in a Time of Crisis.

Sr Margaret
As a taster, here is the Preface from the revised version. The pamphlet will be available from  

Other reflections by Sr Margaret inspired by the effects of COVID-19 can be read here:

'I write this in a world that has fallen still. The aeroplanes are grounded, the boats are in dock, the factories have jerked to a halt. Business as usual has been halted, by a microscopic virus. This time, if we allow it to, can offer us the space to think more deeply about what business as usual has been doing to the world, our common home.

We have learnt how much we want to protect vulnerable people from sickness and death.
How much do we want to protect our vulnerable planet, on which the lives and health of all of us and every living thing depends?

We have learnt that we are prepared to sacrifice our travel, our comforts to reduce the spread of a pandemic.
What are we prepared to sacrifice to reduce forest fires, floods, drought and the destruction of other species?

We have learnt that we can act with boldness, energy, speed and conviction, that we can change our habits drastically and effectively, that we can work together as a global family, east and west, rich and poor, to respond a short-term and temporary emergency.
Are we prepared to do this to respond to a long-term and permanent one?

We have discovered the resilience of our local communities, the generosity, compassion and courage of millions of ordinary people, the inventiveness and creativity of the same.
How can we harness these to face the biggest collective challenge of all?

We have been given space and time to ponder and pray. We have glimpsed clean air and clean seas. We have listened to birdsong where once there was only traffic. Can we grasp the hope that this offers?

The Christian Church can make a unique contribution to the healing of our planet, in at least three ways. Firstly, if most Christians, let alone most religious people, were to live fully the ecological implications of their faith, their numbers are significant enough to reach a tipping point for positive change; we can be the anticipation of the kingdom of heaven, the ‘leaven in the dough’ (Matthew 13.33). Secondly, the Church can offer an existing structural model of an organisation that connects global with local moral leadership, understood precisely as service, along with a mass of members explicitly committed to trying to live well as communities. The Church also has a history of successfully effecting dramatic changes of behaviour; it is not far-fetched to read the history of the Church as a history of successive reforms. There is much here from which wider society might learn.

Catholics Common Home pamphlet
Above all, we have our faith. We do not need to invent a new way of living. Our saints have been living ‘ecology’, out of love of God, for the last two millennia. Let us take them as our models as we commit ourselves to acting, yes, with urgency, but also with calm and patient trust, as God is calling us to do.

The Feast of Pentecost 2020 marks the fifth anniversary of Laudato Si’, Pope Francis’ letter on care for our common home . Let us celebrate it by embracing its radical challenge together.