Signpost to Boarbank 

Behold Him whom Martha served (Augustine Sermon 86.4)

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Boarbank Entrance Signs

Let us sing now, my brothers and sisters, not to enjoy repose, but to encourage us in our efforts, as a traveller sings.
Sing, but keep moving!
(Augustine Sermon 256.3)

Some hints and tips to make your journey here a little easier...

Morecambe bay from Boarbank

You desire to be builders of peace, possess it yourselves first (Augustine Sermon 357.2)

House and Gardens
I received hospitality, here is your dwelling
(Augustine Sermon 86.4)

Guest House
You have given me bread, and bread I gave to you also (Augustine Sermon 86.4)

The house is an early nineteenth century residence, standing in beautiful grounds overlooking the wide expanse of Morecambe Bay.

It is an ideal place for a family holiday, a peaceful rest, or a retreat.