Pope Francis and Laudato Si'
Come and get stuck in!...

WHEN: 3rd - 6th September 2021

YOUR parish and YOUR planet! Join us!

What can WE do?

(led from Boarbank Hall, Cumbria & the Ecological Coversion Group)

Building on a very successful and lively series of shared experiences. If you missed out on these occasions, please consider joining us for one of the next ZOOM meetings which will be 3rd-6th September (and another on 15th-18th October 2021)

These sessions are open to anyone interested, it's not compulsory to be a Lancastrian!! And if you think you know someone who may be interested, please tell them to register. We all have to start somewhere...

If this topic interests you, or you have been thinking about starting something in your own parish/area, please contact Sr Margaret to register your interest, and make sure that you know about the next event, and register soon.

Sessions will be on Friday evening, Saturday morning and evening, Sunday afternoon and evening and Monday evening (leaving people free during the day on Monday).

Allow yourself to be energised by the enthusiasm of our speakers!

The ecological crisis...

Pope Francis writes, "the ecological crisis is a summons to profound interior conversion, to renew our relationships with God, one another, and the created world".

Led by Sr Margaret Atkins of Boarbank Hall who is working hard to make Boarbank a greener place, in lots of different ways, and assisted by

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WHY? Faith is the place to start.

WHAT? Understanding is the place to start.

HOW? Sharing experience is the place to start.

WHEN? Now is the place to start.

WHERE? Your parish is the place to start.

WHO? Are YOU the place to start?

What will happen?

A long weekend of talks and discussions on zoom, and practical activities, on living the message of Laudato Si’ in and through your parish.

Who is it for?

Any interested parishioner (including clergy!)  is most welcome to join us. The weekend is aimed especially at people with parish responsibilities or who are part of or want to start a relevant parish group.

Timed sessions will be on Friday evening, Saturday morning, late afternoon and evening, Sunday late afternoon and evening and Monday evening (leaving people free during the day on Monday).

Speakers include:

Cardinal Vincent Nicolls and Bishop Paul Swarbrick, who will begin and end the September weekend with prayer and reflection. 

Bishop Alan Williams and Bishop Mark O’Toole, who will begin and end the October weekend with prayer and reflection. Members of the Dioceses of Brentwood and Plymouth are especially encouraged to attend this weekend.

Trish Sandbach, who worked in Oxfam Education for many years and led St Benedict’s, Garforth, in the Leeds diocese, to achieving a LiveSimply award. She is also an assessor for the LiveSimply award 

John Paul de Quay, a founder member of the Ecological Conversion Group and Journey to 2030

Sr Margaret Atkins, an Augustinian Canoness at Boarbank Hall in Cumbria, a teacher of philosophy and theology, with a lifelong interest in the natural world, and author of Catholics and Our Common Home: Caring for the Planet in a Time of Crisis (CTS).

A panel discussion for sharing advice on practical projects.

Cost - voluntary donations gratefully accepted, but there will be no fee for the weekend.

To apply, simply email Sr Margaret Atkins