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Thinking Faith – Lent Zoom Retreat

When: 8th – 10th March 2024

Evening sessions only. Theme: Fasting and Feasting


What is Thinking Faith?

Time out for working Catholics. Our Advent and Lent retreats give you a chance to meet the core group and taste what is on offer. You may then be interested in joining us for our summer residential week.

We are a group of professional Catholics who meet together on zoom and live retreats hosted by Sr Margaret Atkins, and Augustinian Sister at Boarbank Hall, Cumbria and Fr Richard Finn, a Dominican at Blackfriars, Oxford (and at times other Dominicans). 

Our Thinking Faith summer weeks began for Catholic students and young professionals nearly 20 years ago. They have grown and developed into something that provides for that ‘post-youth’ group who are trying to live out their Catholic faith in responsible positions at work and also perhaps in their families. At the same time, a regular core of participants has developed, who meet at Boarbank for the residential summer week and keep in touch with zoom retreats in between.

We warmly welcome anyone who might enjoy either the zoom or the residential week to get in touch. You can just dip your toe in by joining either our Advent or our Lent retreat. If you are looking for friendly, fun but also serious and thoughtful support from fellow-Catholics in living out your faith in daily life, this could be for you. And you might get a week’s break in Cumbria into the bargain!

We will also be joined by members of the community at Boarbank, whose warm hospitality makes Thinking Faith possible.

For further information please contact SR MARGARET